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About one out of every five adults in the United States lives with a mental illness. The compassionate psychiatric professionals at Jacinto Medical Group offer a full spectrum of mental health services at their office in Baytown, Texas. To discover the benefits of counseling and psychiatric care, call or book an appointment online today.


What is mental illness?

Mental illness is a broad term that encompasses a range of physical and emotional conditions that alter your mood, thinking, and behavior. Common mental illnesses include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Personality disorders

Though it’s common for most people to experience some degree of mental health concerns from time to time, long-term mental illness can negatively affect your quality of life and ability to function.

What is psychiatric care?

The board-certified psychiatrists at Jacinto Medical Group’s psychiatry department offer confidential and high-quality mental health care to children, adults, and families. They offer comprehensive psychiatric services, including:

  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Psychological testing
  • Individual counseling
  • Family and couples counseling
  • Crisis prevention and intervention
  • Medication management and support
  • Referrals to community resources

The professional staff works with you and your primary care physician to make sure you receive the psychiatric care you need.

When should I seek psychiatric care?

Mental illness can affect the way you think, feel, and behave. Though symptoms can vary, common indicators of mental illness include:

  • Extreme mood swings
  • Confusion or difficulty concentrating
  • Tiredness and low energy
  • Excessive worry or fear
  • Excessive anger or violence
  • Withdrawal from social circles
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Changes in appetite or eating habits
  • Changes in sleep habits
  • Changes in sex drive
  • Thoughts of suicide and/or self-harm
  • Unexplained aches and pains

Most of the time, mental illness doesn’t improve without help. You should seek treatment at Jacinto Medical Group’s psychiatry department if any of these symptoms, or others, interfere with your ability to function normally.

How can I access psychiatric care?

The team at Jacinto Medical Group’s psychiatry department offers counseling and psychiatric services covered by your health insurance. The best way to find out if Jacinto Medical Group contracts with your insurance company is to call the psychiatry department for the most current information.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Jacinto Medical Group works with you to maximize your insurance benefits. Generally, most patients don’t need a referral from their primary care physician to access counseling and psychiatry services at Jacinto Medical Group. Call or book an appointment online today.