Jacinto medical Group (JMG) is a multi-specialty physician group formed by Dr. Ricardo Pardo, Dr. Rafael Pardo, Dr. Robert Johnston, and the late Dr. Caroline Johnston. After working with each other for several years in Baytown, these physicians found that they shared similar ideals and practice styles. With the advent of managed care, they found it difficult as individual doctors to work with the new regulations. In order to be effective in bidding for contracts and getting the best care for their patients, they decided to start a multi-specialty group of physicians in Baytown.

Prior to the formation of JMG, they began referring to Jacinto Imaging Center because of the exceptional quality of the studies. After meeting the founder of the center, Siraj Jiwani, they were impressed with his ethics and willingness to invest in new equipment and innovative technologies to assure the best imaging studies possible. They knew that diagnostic imaging was an important part of their practice, so they wanted Mr. Jiwani as part of their group. After forming Jacinto Medical Group, the group acquired 100% ownership of Jacinto Medical Corporation, which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group. Siraj Jiwani has been the CEO of Jacinto Medical Group since its beginning in 1996. His financial expertise and experience in working with different medical financing companies proved essential to their success. Their common goals have enabled them to continue building JMG from a small group of doctors into the network of offices and clinics that are Jacinto Medical Group today.

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