The Link Between Diabetes and Obesity

Type 2 diabetes is a complex disease that has reached epidemic levels in the United States. Individuals are getting diagnosed at younger ages, over 84 million are prediabetic and don’t know it, and the cost of care and lost work for diabetics is an astounding $245 billion each year. 

Obesity is linked to diabetes in multiple ways — both as a risk factor and a post-diagnosis concern. This condition has skyrocketed in the US over the past 50 years as well.

Our expert, caring team at Jacinto Medical Group treats every aspect of your diabetes if you’ve been diagnosed. And we can also help you lower your risk if you’re prediabetic or just worried about diabetes. 

How does obesity affect diabetes risk?

Being overweight or obese is the biggest risk factor for getting Type 2 diabetes. It also initiates a domino effect because excess pounds also put you at risk for other serious illnesses, such as heart disease and stroke.

Obesity puts you on a path toward insulin resistance. Once that metabolic dynamic is set in motion, prediabetes isn’t far off.

You’re not without any control over your destiny, however, even if you’re overweight or obese and concerned about prediabetes or diabetes. Your weight is a modifiable risk factor, unlike other factors such as your age and race. 

By eating healthfully — incorporating plenty of fresh produce into your diet, steering clear of sugary sodas, and enjoying grilled or baked lean protein instead of fried meats — you can reach a good weight and take a significant amount of control over your diabetes risk level.

Managing your weight helps you manage diabetes

If you’re living with diabetes, getting your weight in the normal range is one of the most important things you can do to manage your disease. Complications from diabetes include: 

Obesity exacerbates your condition when you have diabetes and intensifies the complications that accompany the disease. 

Healthy habits reduce your risk of complications

The outlook for overweight and obese individuals is anything but good when it comes to being diagnosed with diabetes or managing the serious symptoms that accompany it. However, 85% of diabetics are overweight. 

You can play a significant role in reducing your weight and diabetes risk, lowering your blood glucose levels, and lessening the disease’s effects if you’ve been diagnosed by adopting these healthy habits:

The great news is that when you’re managing your diabetes well, you feel better. You may even be able to lower your need for medication or eliminate it completely, depending on your condition.

Our Jacinto Medical Group team can help you with diabetes prevention and management strategies, including addressing obesity, and our physicians are trained to care for you emotionally as well as physically. Call one of our four convenient offices to schedule an appointment. It’s not too late to take back the reins on prediabetes or diabetes.

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