How to Jump-Start Your New Year's Resolution With a Medical Weight-Loss Program

Nothing is more frustrating than setting a goal to lose weight and not attaining. Whether this is the first or tenth year you’ve made losing weight one of your resolutions, you don’t have to fight the weight-loss battle alone any longer. Instead, try our medical weight-loss program and let us help you reach your weight goals. 

The team at the Jacinto Medical Group specializes in helping men and women lose weight and live healthier and happier lives. 

What’s a medical weight-loss program?

Medical weight-loss programs take into account every aspect of your physical makeup and lifestyle. We understand that crash diets and restrictive diets don’t work. Instead, we look at what you eat, when you eat, how physically active you are, and other factors. In short, our program will address all facets of your life. So you won’t just become a lighter person, you’ll also become a healthier person. Here are some of the things we include in our plans:

Better eating habits

What you eat plays a big role in whether you gain or lose weight. It also plays a big role in how healthy your body is. Deciding what to eat, though, can seem overwhelming. Everywhere you turn, food companies are saying they have the superfood you need.

We’ll help you find the perfect balance between the foods you like and the nutritious foods you need, so you can lose weight and get healthy.

Increased activity

Exercise is vital to losing weight and staying healthy. Besides helping you shed pounds, exercise can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and even cancer. In fact, if you exercise regularly, you can lower your risk of developing some medical problems by more than 50%.

Along with a specific diet plan, we will create an exercise program that will match up with your abilities, interests, and goals.

Lifestyle changes

Depending on your specific situation, we will help you make lifestyle changes so you can lose weight and get healthy. For example, we may recommend that you eat breakfast every day, not eat past a certain time in the evening, or not remedy boredom by snacking.

Any plan we create will be customized just for you. The best part is, you won’t be alone. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

If you want to make this year the year you finally get the healthy body you desire, book an appointment online or over the phone with Jacinto Medical Group today.

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